Workshops and Retreats


2270818529For individuals, couples, and groups…

Have you ever felt like you were the Lone Ranger and there isn’t another person or couple in the world going through what you’re going through?

Let me assure you that you are never alone! In our workshop settings, a small group of folks just like you gather in an enclosed (what happens in…) setting where sharing is safe and warm.

Everybody can learn from someone else, and I’ll guide the conversations to be productive for all involved.

The workshops are for a limited time of about an hour once a week for a series of 3-4 weeks.

New viewpoints can bring about new communications and healing.

We talk about how to function in today’s world, discover your romantic and domestic expectations, juggle time to find space for yourself and significant others. We share extreme self-care ideas and ways to accomplish that for yourself.

It’s time to get out of Dullsville!

Pretty much nobody wants to go to a room to sit in bad folding chairs and try to talk to people they don’t know.

So, here’s the deal… Workshops can be in different locations, and each location has something to do with the topic of growth for that session.

There is always food and drink involved. And an atmosphere of camaraderie and honest interaction develops.

Each workshop series is centered around a new, different concept each time, with input for the next series coming from the current participants. Concepts are always centered around learning and discovering by “doing” something… like “stupid” art projects that are fun and lesson-oriented. Or there may be play-acting and role-playing.

We work as teams, so learning and inspiration come from the participants.

Here are our current offerings…

Lady Parts

This four-week women’s workshop explores how to build foundational skills for dealing with the many expectations put on their lives (by themselves, family, and society).

Discover the positive parts of life necessary for growth, joy, and personal satisfaction… and discard what no longer serves your best interests.

Burgers, Baggage, and Beefs

We concurrently offer a four-session men’s workshop. Subtitled “A Night for Guy Talk,” we examine what it means for a man to be excellent in society and for his family.

You’ll develop new communication skills and learn valuable lessons from other men facing the same challenges.


2300003185Wanna get away?

From time to time, we offer multi-day (local or out-of-town) retreats to explore life, sexuality, and who we are deep inside.

Our ultra-busy lives can become a distraction to our romantic lives over time and can also have a numbing effect on our desires and intentions. We lose sight of the things that brought pleasure and excitement in the past. Like our computers, we, too, need a reboot. That is the whole concept of our Sexual/Relational retreats.

All retreats are custom-designed to fit whoever is attending. The secluded, perfectly private locations feature luxurious, adventurous, or surprising accommodations. Gourmet foods accommodate all tastes and desires.

Each retreat features quiet times, learning exercises, “sexy-time,” and time to learn new skills and regenerate the old things you loved from the start. Registration is available at any time. A get-acquainted conversation will be held to discover your retreat goals, timing, and any special desires.

An in-depth conversion will be held for in-take information after payment of the registration deposit. Contact me for additional details and information.

Tailored to your interests and needs…

Retreats provide the time to explore personal and couple concerns. It is a great time to rediscover emotional and physical intimacy, address body image issues, release old history, and reclaim the powers and skills that seem to have evaporated. It is a time to re-empower ourselves and our relationships and discover energies you didn’t know you had; exploring new ways to express your human-ness and sexuality benefits from “getting away.”

We take the time to re-awaken the senses… all five of them.

Retreats make space to explore unspoken needs in a safe, contained place.

2366819733So…what’s it like?

The afternoon in Northern California was toasty warm, and driving to the retreat location, the vineyard‘s clusters of deep ruby grapes hung from the vines.

Upon arrival, the participants got familiar with the retreat area, a rustic but well-done retreat facility nestled in the mountains. A wine (of course) and cheese reception was waiting.

There, participants were able to learn a bit about each other.

Throughout the retreat, there were times for life stories, sensory explorations, campfire times, morning meditation and yoga, or quiet wake-up time with a rich cup of coffee.

The days were filled with discussion, instruction, feedback, and wonderful organic meals prepared by our private chef.

This experience is available for couples and groups of any focus.

At its conclusion, the participants came away with a greater understanding of themselves and their needs and expectations.

A sense of family was created during the six days of this particular gathering.

For the sensual and discerning…, the juice is worth the squeeze.

The investment of time and resources is minimal compared to the lifelong benefit of an Intimacy Coaching Retreat.

These retreats are customized by an event professional with more than 30 years of experience, creating just the right moments to have you going home but wishing for so much more!

Take a moment to reach out for additional complimentary information and meet for an exploratory visit: (281) 450-7721.

Of course, a limited number of these events are produced each year.

I look forward to meeting you soon!