SAR…Life Changing and Part of My Life!

I am Jim Benton, based in Houston, TX.

This past weekend, SAR became a permanent part of me, and forever re-trained and re-purposed my innermost being to better understand and serve others… in their search for sexual fulfillment, regardless of what that might look like.

It has had a profound effect on my attitudes, my values and beliefs about sex, sexuality, gender, pleasure, sexual expression and today’s political world affecting sex and the human animal.

The SAR experience (or the Sexual Attitude Reassessment & Restructuring training) is a requirement for those of us affiliated with Sex Coach U for Graduation, membership in The World Association for Sexual Health and ultimate Certification by ASSECT….The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, a professional organization for sexuality educators, sexuality counselors and sex therapists.

Participation in the SAR has deepened and widened my understanding of what people do sexually, how they feel about and what they are thinking about it. It provided a platform and opportunity for personal deep examination of my own viewpoints. This banquet for the soul, senses and gut reactions used several multi-media presentations sprinkled over the course of the 2 days. 

These served as appetizers, if you will, for the all-encompassing feast that included live speakers and various discussion groups created with those of us participating. 

The SAR is offered a few times over the course of a year to those associated with SCU. Training times vary, some SARS are originated in European time zones, another SAR intensive might originate in US times. 

 I chose the SAR Experience led by Dr. Celina Criss and Dr. Agata Lowe-Kurilla who are based in Central Europe,  for a very specific reason.  I was seeking a more international perspective. I wanted to get to know my fellow cohorts and hear their stories and experiences. And it was a strong/correct decision. Others in our group hailed from Paris, Saudi Arabia,  Wales, Poland, The British Isles, Vietnam, Texas, Oklahoma, China, Hong Kong…and on and on. Each participant shared viewpoints, personal stories and challenges, diverse backgrounds and varying political environment challenges.

The manner in which the 2 days were constructed, gave time for deep conversations and reflections, humor, peer teaching, and glimpses into our personal lives that have made each of us the people we are.  

The SAR is not a ONE & Done experience. It is all about time… to think, reflect, reassess, and explore feelings and emotions we didn’t know were a part of us.   and locate our hot spots and our firm boundaries.

It has been an honor and privilege to have my SAR EXPERIENCE WITH THESE WONDERFUL PEERS AND INSTRUCTORS AND THEIR STAFF. The complete experience was seamless. 

Of course, an in-person version would be mind-blowing….but this virtual version was equally effective, and I salute those in charge of the technology that made it the learning, feeling, processing, awakening experience it was and continues to be for me.

Now… I get it! 

The SAR experience gives us yet another incredible tool to help others lead richer / more rewarding lives…… 

and for us , to be consummate Sex Coach U affiliated professionals making the world a better placed.

Where does SAR come from?

SAR, the Sexual Attitude Reassessment & Restructuring training, was developed in the 1970s as a practical component of training for sexology students at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. This revolutionary program was created to help sexologists broaden their awareness and understanding of the vast array of human sexual behavior and expression and for them to move to greater understanding, acceptance and tolerance while celebrating sexuality to the fullest. 

Today, SAR is required for certification by American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and other sexological organizations. It is a required component  of the curriculum at Sex Coach U, and is recognized globally as an essential element of professional development for sexologists.


SCU Virtual SAR is based on the integration of the Humanistic Sexological Perspective on a foundation of authenticity, cross-cultural sensitivity, diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality in the broadest sense, including a focus on modern trends in sexology and a cross section of human sexual expression. We know from past experience that our SAR will rock your thinking and elevate your feeling to new states of awareness and ultimately broaden your horizons of acceptance–of yourself and others. 

This is a rare opportunity to let down your guard, melt into beginners’ mind, explore new pathways, experience possibilities, and to bask in the safety of a community of peers led by seasoned SAR leaders who care about you every step along the way. If you are a professional working in any capacity in the broad scope of human sexuality, our SCU Virtual SAR is for you. 

SCU Virtual SAR isn’t about ticking a box on the way to certification. It’s not a clinical training or a left brain “how to” workshop. It’s about feeling your way into the most open container you can be for your clients, your students, or your community, however that may show up. 

SCU Virtual SAR is a celebration of the sexual human and the innate humanity in us all~and it’s fun!

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