Party Lab

Group informational coaching in a social gathering setting…

418582384Sure, we’ll be learning…

But it’ll be in a cocktail party-like atmosphere.

It could be an evening of creating culinary aphrodisiac delights with wonderful wines. Or an evening salute to forties Hollywood and elegant sensuality.

In a cocktail party atmosphere, learn about specific sexual and relational topics like…

  • New adult toys to play with and how they work
  • How sexual attraction works – the chemistry and the reality
  • Dating in the modern era – online dating versus the “Real Deal”
  • How to be the most interesting person in the room – party and relational skills
  • Wildlife: Cougars and Bears, Oh My! – how to get what you want, regardless of the age bracket

These topics and more are explored and discussed.

144810301An experience you WON’T forget…

And it doesn’t just have to be a cocktail party. It could be a picnic or an “Evening with the Chef,” cooking and learning. The imagination is the limit.

We’ll keep it casual and allow the conversations to flow (think “Tupperware® Party” but much hotter and more informative!).

With Party Lab, we explore personal chemistry, experimental ideas, and concepts and how to make these ideas part of your sexual and relational repertoire.

Host the party no one will be able to talk about!

For those looking for a spark, sizzle, or adventure, reach out to explore the options and opportunities for hosting a Party Lab of your own!

These events are best when limited to a small group of like-minded people.

We handle the arrangements, catering, programming, and the details. You bring the guests!

This exquisite opportunity is rare. Contact me to learn more about us producing a Party Lab for you and your guests: (281) 504-7721.