The LGBTQIA+ Community

304656941I’m a member and an advocate.

It’s my honor and pleasure to serve and support this community.

No matter your gender, I want to help you search for a more fulfilling life.

These can be tricky waters, but I’m here for you.

The search for life satisfaction…

It’s often rooted in self-acceptance and connection to others.

Unfortunately, being true to ourselves isn’t always easy. Finding authenticity is a multifaceted, nuanced endeavor.

And if you face particular issues like gender dysmorphia, transgender vocal dysmorphia (vocal coaching to align the voice with the physical body), or crafting the family you desire…

I look forward to working with you!

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

You’ve found a friend and ally.

I’d love to meet you to talk more about your life and how I can help during your free consultation call.

If we’re not the right fit, I have a wide network of therapists, psychologists, and doctors to whom I can refer you.

You can start today! Reach out… I’m here to help: (281) 504-7721.