Couples Counseling

2307561497It can start in the simplest of ways…

One partner gets a promotion…

The other partner feels stuck in life…

Or the kids are at an age where they’re going in different directions: One’s at T-ball practice, another’s in dance class, and the one in the middle just wants to play computer games in a dark bedroom.

An imbalance creeps into your relationship.

But you still have to make it work.

There’s work to get done!

Money problems, extended family matters, laundry, dinner, homework, getting the kids ready for school the next day…

Then, at the end of it all, one partner comes on to the other late into the night with a, “Come here, baby!”

Far from turned on, the other growls back, “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR FREAKING’ MIND??!!”

578251576I know from experience that…

Responsibility imbalance, life stress, family pressures, and financial issues conspire to rob a couple of their deep friendship and intimacy.

And uneven sexual desire is problematic for both partners. Sexual issues can arise for many reasons: changing bodies, childbirth, or aging, for example.

So many things can beat you up in today’s world, and that’s going to weigh on your relationship.

You’ve come to the right place to heal.

Let’s examine your current life, needs, and desires.

Working together, you and your partner can fully divulge what’s weighing you down, giving each of you a new understanding and compassion for the other.

From a renewed foundation, we’ll find ways to strengthen and support your relationship, all while rekindling your desire for the person you fell in love with.

There are many options to add joy, excitement, variety, and electricity to lifeless relationships.

Let me help you make your partnership everything it should be. Call today for your free consultation: (281) 504-7721.