About Counseling and Coaching

1198943572“My sex life isn’t awful…”

But it’s probably WAY less than it could be. Certain things just don’t feel right… and I don’t know if I’ve ever fully explored my fantasies. Is that normal??

And dating… it’s beyond uncomfortable. It’s scary at times… and discouraging. Who would want to date me? I wouldn’t want to date me!

I’ve thought about “talking to somebody,” but I worry it would be awkward or borderline creepy talking to a total stranger about this stuff.

“It might be helpful, but…”

It’s probably expensive.

And it might not do that much good.

Plus, I’m so freaking busy. I hardly have enough time to keep my head above water. Who has time for counseling?

But I know my dating and sex life is out of balance… I just don’t know where to start!

49844008We’ve all had a conversation like this in our heads.

So, yes, you’re normal! I get it… and I’m here for you.

First off, just make time to come for a quiet visit. We’ll have a glass of lemonade or a cup of coffee. We’ll take some relaxing breaths and talk about life in general. Let’s get to know each other before bringing up the concerns that have brought you here.

We’ll get there… in due time. Then, we’ll work together to craft a plan of action that addresses your thoughts and concerns. This plan will consider who you are, where you’ve been, and what your life is like now. I want to know what’s made you the person you are today.

We’ll use that to make a plan for a better future.

You are welcome here!

Counseling and Sex/Relationship Coaching is one real person creating a healthy, helping relationship with another real person. We can all learn from each other.

I have a lot of knowledge, training, and life experience in these matters… and I’ll share it all with an empathetic ear.

In today’s world, Everybody Needs Somebody!

Let’s explore the path to a better, more fulfilling life. Call today, and we can talk more during your free consultation: (281) 504-7721.

​About Me

AdminI’ve always been “that guy.”

You know… the person you call up or invite to coffee because you need somebody to talk to.

Early in 2021, I decided on a career change. I thought, “People enjoy talking to me, and I’m good at helping them through tough questions and situations. Why not be a counselor?”

So, after many years, I went back to school, aiming to help others with all things having to do with human sexuality and relationships.

After all, we’re all sexual beings.

People have concerns and questions about these things that span their whole life.

These topics aren’t always easy to discuss, and to make matters worse, we don’t have good language to talk about what’s often considered “out of bounds” or “off limits.”

I am a Masters-level graduate of the Clinical Sexology and Sex Coaching program at Sex Coach U (Los Angeles, California) and currently a Doctoral student and PhD candidate at International Institute of Clinical Sexology-Miami, Florida.

As a clinical sexologist, sex coach, (certified by the American Board of Sexology) and certified hypnotist (accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists), I can guide you toward a more comprehensive understanding of how the human body works (including YOUR body), how to develop the mental and spiritual parts of your life, and how to have a joyous life as your body and desires change while aging and maturing gracefully.

In my personal life…

I have three adult sons, three wonderful daughters-in-law, and five incredible grandkids. (I know, I’ve become that grandparent I used to make fun of in my younger days!)

My boys grew up understanding that if you ask Dad a question, he’s GONNA answer you! Be prepared!